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Renaissance Tianjin Hotel
Renaissance Tianjin Hotel About 101 USD

Mei Du Hotel - Tianjin
Mei Du Hotel - Tianjin About 51 USD

Tianjin Saixiang Hotel
Tianjin Saixiang Hotel About 95 USD


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Tourist Attractions in Tianjin

Tourist Attractions in Tianjin
The Panshan mountain scenery scenic spot area, The Great Wall at Shanhai Pass, Top temple, Greatly sad courtyard, Huo Yuanjia former dwelling cemetery, Tianjin three treasures of ancient city, Tianjin natural history museum, The temple of the good fortune... More >>>

Tianjin Travel Information

Tianjin Travel Information
Tianjin is situated at northeast of the Huabei plain. For the convergence of rivers and the estuary, Tianjin has the name of "nine rivers ends". Whole city jurisdiction area is 11919,7 square kilometers. The total population is 10.01 million people approximately... More >>>

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Hotel Name Star Price
♦ Renaissance Tianjin Hotel101 USDBook
♦ Mei Du Hotel - Tianjin51 USDBook
♦ Tianjin Saixiang Hotel95 USDBook
♦ Sheraton Tianjin Hotel129 USDBook
♦ The Crystal Palace Hotel81 USDBook
♦ Teda Central Hotel, Tianjin73 USDBook
♦ Tianjin Victoria International Hotel53 USDBook
♦ Tianjin Junyue Hotel67 USDBook
♦ Tianjin Golden Ocean Hotel77 USDBook
♦ Tianjin South China Harbour Horizon Hotel36 USDBook
♦ Super Garden Hotel of Tianjin60 USDBook
♦ Tianjin Mayfair Hotel0 USDBook
♦ Tianyu Hotel, Tianjin51 USDBook
♦ Tianjin Victory Hotel42 USDBook
♦ Geneva Hotel, Tianjin31 USDBook
♦ Ocean Hotel35 USDBook
♦ Hotel Nikko Tianjin69 USDBook
♦ Green Tree Inn Dagang - Tianjin23 USDBook
♦ Tianjin Baolijin hotel56 USDBook
♦ Tian Jin Golden Crown Hotel106 USDBook
♦ Tianjin First Hotel54 USDBook
♦ Seaview Garden Hotel65 USDBook
♦ Tianjin Hopeway Business Hotel51 USDBook
♦ Ruiwan Hotel Tianjin92 USDBook
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